Junge Sprachwissenschaft e. V.

Online Workspace

The technical support group provides an extensive online workspace for projects and communication among members of the association.

The workspace includes a shared, private cloud database with online office applications, project management, content management systems for the public websites and a conference management system.

The workspace is password secured. You can log in below. If you want to have your own account, please get in touch with the administration by email at admin [at] junge-sprachwissenschaft [dot] de.


Jitsi Videobridge

We have recently added a Jitsi videobridge hosted on our own servers for meetings and events to our repertoire. Jitsi videobridge is an open-source project that we use to provide you with a secure videoconferencing solution.

For small-scale meetings, we can start it up for you on short notice. For larger events, we might need to gauge the technical possibilities with you, so please get in touch with us about those sufficiently early. So far, we have successfully tested the videobridge in meetings with up to 10 participants in the video chat.

Would you like to use our Jitsi videobridge? Then please get in touch by email at vorstand[at]junge-sprachwissenschaft[dot]de with a short description of your project.


System Operators/Technical Support Team

We are always looking for people who are interested in maintaining and extending our IT landscape. It consists of linux servers and webapps, some of which developed in house. All you need are basic IT knowledge. As part of our team, you will get the chance to gain experience in server administration and/or software development. If you're interested, please get in touch at: admin [at] junge-sprachwissenschaft [dot] de.

Web and Social media editorial team

Since our websites and social media accounts need constant updating we would be happy to include you in our social media and website editors' team. If you are interested in supporting our activities on Twitter, Facebook, Instragram or Discord, or our websites stuts.de and junge-sprachwissenschaft.de, please get in touch at: vorstand [at] junge-sprachwissenschaft [dot] de.